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Services offered by Pave Masters

Pave Masters offers highly skilled teams for quality, efficiency & strees free paving. Whether it be a driveway, around a swimming pool, a outdoor patio area or even office complexes and housing estates, we are the professionals that will give you the perfect paving outcome. 

We have our own trucks to deliver sand, pavers & bricks, and all other heavy materials required to complete the job. Our vehicles range from 1.5 Ton, 4 Ton for deliveries of Pavers and other heavy material and a 8 Ton Tipper truck for the delivery of sand. Clients are not obliged to use our vehicles and suppliers. Pave Masters does have very reliable suppliers of all Paving related materials at excellent prices, so clients have the option of using only our Paving labour services or one has the option of a full package service from us. We also supply all compacting equipment to ensure your paving is solid. 

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